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Who are we?

Operating in Marrakech since 1979, Société Impériale des Thés et Infusions (SITI) provides turnkey solutions for premium tea packing.

SITI works to provide continuous high quality through its flexibility and endless possibilities. We believe every brand should be able to express itself and so we try our best not to limit any creativity from beginning to end. Our packaging solutions can be tailor-made. Meaning your brand can truly express its personality.


We are not alone; underneath our group Imperium Holding, there are several subsidiaries that make up our premium tea packing chain.

This integration enables SITI to offer an unmatched level of flexibility and fast turn around time to help you get to the market as fast as possible – all whilst keeping the highest levels of quality control at every step.

Values of the Ecosystem


The reputation of our holding is built on its commitment to deliver the highest quality of products and services to our clients. SITI’s impressive list of certifications reflects this commitment.


We are one of the very few companies worldwide with such large available capacities. This advantage means we attract brands and multinationals looking for a partner who can handle their future growth.


Among the big players of the sector, we are the only ones who have kept such an extensive level of flexibility. Our production tools are designed to adapt to the needs of the clients, and provide them with infinite possibilities. This asset is key in the premium market where brands are looking for differentiation and uniqueness.

One Stop-Shop

Thanks to the vertical integration of Imperium Holding and its synergies with MAC Holding; SITI, unlike is competitors, is able to provide an extensive catalogue of turnkey solutions for premium tea brands.

Raw Material Solutions

We have special relationships with strategic suppliers of raw materials ranging from tea and plants, all the way to machines, fabrics and more. Every one we work with either under the group or as a partner, are experts in their field.


SITI offers a variety of options for packaging and prides itself when it comes to working with the needs of its customers to develop tailored products.

With every step, your brand retains control that allows you to adapt your product to reflect your strategic and marketing objectives.
The following steps are an outline of what can be achieved when working with SITI – within different steps we offer a wide range of solutions and creative ideas

Some of our products


Quality is SITI’s highest priority. More than an approach, it is a mindset shared by all employees and partners of the company.

From the acquiring of the raw materials, to the shipment of the finished product pallets; all the products undergo a wide array of controls to guarantee they scrupulously meet the standards established by customers.


To guarantee the products will meet the highest quality standards, SITI has installed three quality control laboratories where the following certifications have been obtained.






ISO 9001

ISO 22000


EU, US NOP, and Japanese
Agricultural Standard
Organic Certification



Stitched tea bags a day


Fuzo tea bags a day




Export countries


Production sites

Social responsability

We understand the economic and social challenges in Morocco and therefore make every effort to go above and beyond when it comes to our social responsibility. Here are just a few things we implement with this mind.

1. We commit to employing and training women including in leadership positions. This has enabled us to put together a highly qualified team that adheres to progressive social and employment standards and internal training programs.

2. All of our employees are offered membership in a private health insurance scheme that offers benefits that extend beyond those provided by the statutory system. In addition, the private health insurance also remains active beyond the period of employment, even extending into retirement age.

3. Each year we organize a raffle where up to ten people have the opportunity to win a pilgrimage to Mecca. In Morocco the Muslim faith is widespread and for many Moroccans this is the dream of a lifetime (and one that generally remains unfulfilled). A journey such as this is very costly and approximately accounts for the average income earned over a period of roughly two years.

4. We support the Marrakech “Dar Tifl” (“Children’s House”) Orphanage. With more than 450 inmates, Dar Tifl is the biggest orphanage in Marrakech. The orphanage receives annual financial help from SITI. Mr Mustapha El Baroudi, the founder of SITI, is the president of the orphanage and is in charge of the day-to-day management of this institution. Dar Tifl is often presented as a model orphanage in Morocco, incorporating high standards of nutrition, hygiene, medical care and education.


Since its creation, SITI has undertaken several initiatives to minimize its impact on the environment. All of the organic waste (plants, cardboard packaging, etc.) generated by the company is systematically recycled; also our use of water and energy is closely monitored, controlled and rationalized.

We try our best to carry out good environmental practices and are keen to treat our waste in a responsible way, for example :

  • Vegetal waste is sent back to our Moroccan mint and verbena suppliers who reintroduce them back into their compost
  • Fabric waste is recycled by our workers for pillow filling
  • We use a compacting machine to condense paper and carton waste that is then passed on to recycling companies.

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